Month: September 2017

MPLS lsp path broken

Topology:   Objective: To test the broken LSP failover using LDP protocol. All router in the topology are running under OSPF area 0.LDP has been enabled between them. Currently LDP synced and LDP neighbor ship has been established between all routers. As depicted in topology Router R2 have two path to reach to Router R9

MPLS Vpn Working Principle

Topology: Objective: Configure MPLS L3VPN and understand it’s working. Currently PE1 & PE2 running iBGP under AS 100.PE1, P1, P2 & PE2 running OSPF as IGP. MPLS backbone running LDP for label distribution, LDP neighbor ship has been established among PE1, P1,P2 and PE2.CE1/CE11 using default routing towards PE1/PE2 respectively. MPLS VPN used two control

BGP Weight Attribute

Topology Objectives Use BGP attribute to influence the route selection in BGP. Currently Router R1/R1 running iBGP .Between R1-R3 & R2-R4 ebgp is used. Within ISP we have used Full iBGP mesh ( of course we could have used RR).Connect the network as shown in topology. Currently R5 learning routes from both R1 &