About me

Welcome to Meratech!!

My name is Mrityunjay and I manage this website.
If you are a Technical geek and enthusist about the technology just like I am, then you are at right place.
I write technical blog which could be helpful for individuals who want to learn the network stuffs in easy and fun way.
My focus is on detailed deep drive technical topics which could serve better for other.

At the beginning of my carrer I worked as a system administor where I got an opportunity to
work in a hosting environment. This was the time when i was facinated towards the websites hosting and different servers.
As a result I decided to start my own blogging website named as “Meratech”.

I launched this website as my hobby in year 2013.Later I had to shutdown the website due to some unavoidable condition.Finally in year 2017 I thought to start this site again.

For more information stay-tuned with me!!!

Disclaimer:The views opinions & thoughts ,expressed here are solely mine, and its not belong to any of my employer or other organization.