Category: Routing Protocols

BGP Weight Attribute

Topology Objectives Use BGP attribute to influence the route selection in BGP. Currently Router R1/R1 running iBGP .Between R1-R3 & R2-R4 ebgp is used. Within ISP we have used Full iBGP mesh ( of course we could have used RR).Connect the network as shown in topology. Currently R5 learning routes from both R1 &

BGP Initialization

Topology Objectives Objective is to understand how bgp initialize when you enable interfaces and bgp parameters. We will check it by sniffing tool Wireshark to know what happening behind the scene.  Wireshark will be enabled on f0/0 on R2. Currently both F0/0 port is shut no ip address, bgp configured on node. Steps: Let’s start


Topology Objective: To implement BGP over GRE , the topology shown above. In topology R1 & R3 running BGP 100 whereas R2 running only IGP.R1-R4 & R3-R5 running ebgp and advertising prefix and respectively. R1-R2-R3 running ospf under area 0. Bgp over GRE can be configured in scenario where end to end BGP