Topology Objective: To implement BGP over GRE , the topology shown above. In topology R1 & R3 running BGP 100 whereas R2 running only IGP.R1-R4 & R3-R5 running ebgp and advertising prefix and respectively. R1-R2-R3 running ospf under area 0. Bgp over GRE can be configured in scenario where end to end BGP

Type of ether Frame

Today we will see the different Ethernet frame types and there header size. 1)Ethernet encapsulation 802.3 2)Ethernet encapsulation 802.1q Frame 3)Ethernet encapsulation 802.1ad 4)Ethernet encapsulation 802.1ah

Types Of VPN in Networking

Types Of VPN in Networking We are having different techlogy when it comes to secure the private network over internet for securely sharing your data in public domain.The figure above depicts the types of VPN services that we can use as per our requirement.We will see each VPN and their features with configuration ahead.  

IPv4 Header Format

IPv4 Packet The header fields are discussed below: Version (always set to the value 4 in the current version of IP) IP Header Length (number of 32 -bit words forming the header, usually five) Type of Service (ToS), now known as Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) (usually set to 0, but may indicate particular Quality